Who We Are




Dave Pittman

Dave is an award-winning interdisciplinary designer and entrepreneur on a mission to reduce animal suffering. He is a co-founder of both Harmless Studio and Unicorn Goods, the world's largest vegan store, and he was formerly a creative director at the multinational ad agency Y&R (Young & Rubicam). As a designer, he has worked for small non-profits, Fortune 100 companies, and everywhere in between. In addition to Harmless Studio and Unicorn Goods, he has started six other businesses, including a print magazine, a Kickstarter-funded food company, and a co-working space for digital creatives. He is a certified vegan interior designer, member of Squarespace Circle, holds a master's degree in industrial design from the Rhode Island School of Design (where he has also taught), and holds a bachelor's degree in cultural production from Vanderbilt University.


Cayla Mäki-Pittman

Cayla is a social entrepreneur dedicated to reducing animal suffering by helping vegan companies succeed. She is a co-founder of both Harmless Studio and Unicorn Goods. Her background on both sides of client services — as a project manager, advertising account manager, and entrepreneur — allow her to truly listen to client needs and understand how to meet those needs on time and on budget. She studied Interactive Design at the Rhode Island School of Design, holds a certificate in management from Harvard Business School, and has an interdisciplinary degree in language and culture from Vanderbilt University. She has been recognized as a Global Social Impact Fellow by the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Social Impact Strategy and was recently recognized by PETA as a leading female vegan entrepreneur. Cayla is a member of Squarespace Circle.



Bob Isherwood Brighter.png

Bob Isherwood

Bob is the former Worldwide Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi, where he oversaw communications for thousands of well known brands and products, including the launch of the Toyota Prius. Under his 11 years of leadership, Saatchi & Saatchi received nearly 8,000 creative awards. As a creative, Bob also received numerous prestigious awards. In fact, he is among the top 10 most awarded creatives in the 50 year history of D&AD. He is one of the few to have won D&AD’s coveted top award for advertising, and he took home Australia’s first Gold Lion for Cinema at the Cannes International Advertising Festival. He is a recipient of the Clio Lifetime Achievement Award, and he is in both the Clio Hall of Fame and the Australian Writers and Art Directors Hall of Fame. He is the creator of the New Directors Showcase at Cannes and the Saatchi & Saatchi Award for World Changing Ideas, as well as the co-author of “World Changing Ideas.” He has served as the Creative Chairman of the UN/IAA Copenhagen Climate Change Initiative, Chairman of the Global Creative Council for Innocean, Professor of Managerial Studies at Vanderbilt University, and Dean of the Young Creative Academy at Cannes.

Deborah Dimare.jpg

Deborah DiMare

Deborah is an award-winning interior designer and entrepreneur based in Miami. She is the founder of VeganDesign.org, an organization that teaches designers about the new field of vegan design, while also providing those designers with countless resources to help them succeed. She is also the founder of DiMare Design, a luxury interior design firm based in Miami and NYC that specializes in high-end vegan, sustainable, and wellness/sensory interior design projects throughout the United States and internationally — including projects on four continents. Deborah is passionate about animal rights, and humane, vegan interior design has become a central focus of her practice. She is guided by a belief that interiors should “reflect who we are, bring out the best in us, and contribute to a better world.” She continually proves to her clients that “ultra-luxury interiors can be created without endangering the lives of animals…or resulting in ecological damage.” She has been featured on TLC, NBC’s “The Today Show,” and she continues to regularly lecture and publish articles on the topics of Vegan Design and Sensory Design.

Brandon Kim.jpg

Brandon Kim

Brandon is an industrial designer and entrepreneur who is passionately focused on deploying good design at scale. He is a co-founder, manager, and head of design, creative, and strategy at Brevite, a bag and travel accessories lifestyle brand that he successfully Kickstarted four years ago. Over the years, Brandon has been selected to join a number of prestigious entrepreneurship organizations and accelerator programs, including Blackstone Launchpad, Brown University’s B-Lab, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, Sandbox Incubator, The Couri Hatchery, and Fordham Foundry. Among many other honors, Brandon was recently a finalist for the Forbes’ annual 30 Under 30 list. His design work has been featured in The Boston Globe, Gizmodo, USA Today, Supercompressor, and Core77, among numerous other media outlets. Brandon holds a master’s in industrial design from the Rhode Island School of Design and a bachelor’s from Fordham University.